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Our Language program suggests the following classes:

  • English in School  for K - 3 students

  • ESL  (English as Second Language) for children and adults

  • French  classes for children and adults


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English as Second Language:
online resources

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Most Popular Children Books in English

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English Cartoons for Kids
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English Music for Kids




Classes are of various duration depending on age and level of students

Each lesson includes explanation of new material along with revision of previously studied topics.

Individual classes are available.

Classes are held on Sundays at Linwood Middle School
   25 Linwood Place
   North Brunswick, NJ  08902

Teacher:  Arpine L. Karapetyan



Registration for Language classes

Registration is free but mandatory. Seats are limited.


for Language classes

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French Books for Kids
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French Reading for Kids:
International Reading Library

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French Cartoons for Kids
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French Music for Kids